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The 30 Greatest Rock & Roll Movie Moments

Unforgettable scenes from ‘Pulp Fiction,’ ‘Wayne’s World,’ ‘Almost Famous’ and more

Wayne's World, Pulp Fiction, Say Anything, Almost Famous

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The movies have a long history of glorious rock & roll moments. Whether the story is about gangsters, lovers, warriors or vampires, the right song can jolt an ordinary flick into something loud and wild. So behold, the 30 all-time greatest rock & roll moments in film history: from Goodfellas to Hot Tub Time Machine, from Elvis to the RZA, from Lloyd Dobler to Spinal Tap to the Dude. (We’re not talking show tunes here, so no “Let Me Entertain You” from Gypsy or “I’m Tired” from Blazing Saddles. And no TV, so apologies to Mad Men‘s “Tomorrow Never Knows” and Community‘s “Roxanne.”) These are just a few of our favorite eruptions of cinematic rockingness. Play these movies loud.

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3. Peter Gabriel, ‘In Your Eyes’ in ‘Say Anything’ (1989)

Who else but Cameron Crowe could create a moment like this: John Cusack stands outside Ione Skye's house, holding up a boombox. He's playing their song, "In Your Eyes," to remind her of their shared memories, but also to express everything he wishes he knew how to tell her himself. Crowe turned this into a Romeo & Juliet balcony scene for the ages. (And turning a prog-rocker like Peter Gabriel into prom fodder was a mighty strange achievement in itself.) When they filmed it, Cusack's boombox was actually playing Fishbone, but it doesn't really matter what the music is. The whole point of the scene is making you think of the song you would play on that boombox, if you had to do it right now.

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2. The Beatles, ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ in ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ (1964)

The dawn of Beatlemania: John, Paul, George and Ringo race down the street, chased by their fans. Everybody gets swept up in the high-speed excitement of that mega-reverbed opening guitar chord. The Beatles might be trying to run away from the lust-crazed, clothes-tearing, screaming girls, but they can't stop grinning, especially John – they love this bit. (Who wouldn't?) The girls chase the band, but everybody's madly in love with the chase, enchanted hunters of the rock & roll thrill. This scene tells you all you need to know about how the Beatles revolutionized the entire concept of fun. But they were just getting started.

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1. The Ronettes, ‘Be My Baby’ in ‘Mean Streets’ (1973)

This is where it all begins – and really, this is as far as it could go. With this moment, director Martin Scorsese invented a whole new way to use rock & roll to tell a story, right in the opening scene of his Little Italy street-crime tragedy. Late at night, small-time gangster Harvey Keitel hears the Phil Spector teen romance of "Be My Baby" playing in his head. It's the soundtrack to his memories, all his dreams and fears, all his Catholic guilt, all his New York groove. The song sums up his world in three minutes, except we can already tell it's about to explode. Every movie tries to do this same trick now (Dirty Dancing even swiped the same song), but nobody does it like Scorsese. After Mean Streets, neither music nor the movies would ever be the same.

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