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Readers’ Poll: The 20 Worst Movies of 2013

From ‘A Good Day to Die Hard’ to the Razzie-winning ‘Movie 43’ and ‘The Lone Ranger’

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The good people of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences informed us earlier this week that 12 Years a Slave was the greatest movie of 2013. That's all fine and good, but it's much more fun to talk about the worst movies of the year. The Golden Raspberry Awards — held the same weekend as the Oscars – gave that esteemed title to Movie 43. We wanted to see what our readers thought. Click through to see your picks for the 20 worst movies of 2013. 

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4. ‘Sharknado’

This is a little unfair since the filmmakers of Sharknado weren't exactly trying to make Citizen Kane. They made a movie about sharks that fall out of the sky staring Tara Reid and Ian Ziering. It's 86 minutes of utter insanity, and it got enough to buzz to guarantee a sequel that'll surely be 50 times nuttier than the original. 

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3. ‘Grown Ups 2’

For Adam Sandler's first sequel he could have shot a follow-up to Billy Madison, The Wedding Singer or one of his few other good movies. Instead, he went with Grown Ups, only this time we had to do without Rob Schneider. The rest of the gang were back, but it was still more fart jokes and 101 interminable minutes. 

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2. ‘After Earth’

Will "I'm Not a Scientologist" Smith wanted to make a sci-fi vehicle to showcase the acting chops of his son, Jaden, but instead he made the worst movie of his career that managed to embarrass his whole family and tarnish the brand of one of the most bankable stars in Hollywood. The only good thing to come from it was the funniest Onion article of the year, so we guess After Earth was good for something. 

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1. ‘Movie 43’

Anthology movies like New Year's Eve and Valentine's Day have been stinking up movie theaters for the last few years, but those flicks seem brilliant when compared to the stunningly misguided Movie 43. It's a collection of unfunny comedy sketches that somehow attracted some of the biggest stars in Hollywood, including Emma Stone, Hugh Jackman, Chloe Grace Moretz and Kate Winslet. It won the Best Picture at the 34th Golden Raspberry Awards, and we're guessing nothing else even came close. 

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