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Readers’ Poll: Jared Leto’s 10 Best Roles

See which characters beat Jordan Catalano and Angel Face

Jared Leto's appearance in Suicide Squad has been previewed ever since he entered the film's set, and even though the film didn't quite live up to fan or critical expectations, his performance did live up to the terror promised from the trailers and much-discussed on-set antics. 

Leto's growth as an actor over the last two decades has been immense, washing away an early heartthrob career to become one of Hollywood's leading method actors who fully immerses him into the worlds of his often troubled characters. Ahead of Suicide Squad's release, we asked our readers to vote for their favorite Jared Leto roles. Here are the results.


Harry Goldfarb, ‘Requiem for a Dream’

Requiem for a Dream proved to be a turning point in Leto's career, steering him from minor, supporting roles in cult classics to a mature actor who could truly channel his emotional depth on screen. As Harry Goldfarb, the heroin-addicted son of an amphetamine-addicted widow, Leto's body and acting range were put through the ringer as Goldfarb sunk deeper into addiction, reaching the lowest possible points a person can achieve. To prepare, he lived on the streets with addicts and spent months starving himself to lose weight.


Rayon, ‘Dallas Buyers Club’

No wonder Leto won his first and, so far, only Academy Award for his portrayal of Rayon. The method actor transformed into the drug-addicted, HIV-positive trans woman whom Matthew McConaughey's Ron Woodroof befriends while hospitalized following his AIDs diagnosis. He immersed himself so fully into Rayon's world and body that the cast and crew did not even meet the real Leto for the entirety of filming. "He got me out of my comfort zone," the film's director Jean-Marc Vallée told Rolling Stone. "I didn't know how to address him or her because he was such a lady. He was such a girl, and he was sexy!"