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Peter Travers: Oscar Moments

Nine highlights – funny, emotional, eye-popping


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Host Billy Crystal recycled old material but was a huge improvement over last year's Franco/Hathaway debacle. Best Crystal line: "Enjoy yourselves, because nothing can take the sting out the world's economic problems like watching millionaires present each other with golden statues."


Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Jean Dujardin

French charmer Jean Dujardin left his Best Actor rivals George Clooney and Brad Pitt in tears (OK, maybe just acutely disappointed – they're still pretty) by walking off with the Best Actor trophy for The Artist. "Oui! I love your country," he said before slipping into his native tongue and dropping the word merde, which is what Melissa McCarthy did in the sink in Bridesmaids.




Uggie, the Jack Russell terrier who stole The Artist, made Oscar history by climbing to the stage to accept the Best Picture trophy. Oscar saved the best for last. Throw this dog a bone.

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