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Nine ‘Jackass’ Pranks That Stand the Test of Time

Watch and laugh (or cringe) at Johnny Knoxville and Co.’s wildest gags

Johnny Knoxville Jackass

Courtesy of Dickhouse Productions

This past weekend, the Jackass spin-off Bad Grandpa came in at number one at the box office and is the latest in a plethora of wild stunts and pranks we've come to expect and love from Johnny Knoxville and his crew. In celebration of the film's success, here are nine of the wildest acts of jackassery ever, culled from the latest film and three preceding movies. Warning: Do not try these at home; simply watch and laugh (or cringe). Rob LeDonne

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The Valentine From ‘Jackass Number Two’ (2006)

Another prank from Number Two, here we find the gang turning the hijinks on themselves. In this clip, they play with the crew's rising fame and explain to Bam that a fan sent him a Valentine and taped it to a wall. . . only to have him get smashed in the head with a boxing glove whilst reading the fine print.

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The Pit of Snakes From ‘Jackass 3D’ (2010)

If there was an award for most cringe-worthy Jackass prank, this clip would get first prize. In a stunt from the third film in the series, Bam walks across a false floor and helplessly falls into a pit of real live snakes. The only problem is that much like Indiana Jones, Bam HATES snakes, and the results are hard to watch. Usually cool, calm and collected, he whimpers and begs for mercy as the snakes slither and hiss all around him.

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Gorilla Hotel From ‘Jackass 3D’ (2010)

Besides the usual gang of Jackass idiots, April and Phil Margera are typically on the receiving end of a variety of horrifying pranks. In this clip from the third film (which was released in glorious 3D), the hapless couple enter their hotel room only to find a wild gorilla on the loose (it's a guy in a suit, but still). Shot on location at Hollywood's Roosevelt Hotel, director Jeff Tremaine later said the room was dimly lit in order to make the gorilla suit appear a bit more believable.

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Face Cream From ‘Jackass 3.5’ (2011)

There's gross, there's disgusting, and then there's this: In a prank on King Knoxville himself, it's revealed in front of a live audience (with a little help from Jimmy Kimmel) that Knoxville's beloved face cream – which he'd been smearing all over his noggin for the better part of four months – was actually horse semen.

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Broken Ride From ‘Bad Grandpa’ (2013)

Released as a teaser for Bad Grandpa, the broken ride prank displays the genius of why Jackass continues to work so well. Knoxville, in full makeup, hops on a faulty ride, only to be launched through a plate-glass window and (improbably) onto mattresses laid on the floor. But the real fun occurs when passer-bys react with pure horror.

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