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Meet the 2012 ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Contestants

Here’s the lowdown on who’s trying to not get fired, from Clay Aiken to Dee Snider

celebrity apprentice

Mitchell Haaseth/NBC

This Sunday marks the season premiere of The Celebrity Apprentice, the long-running reality competition now in its fifth season for which washed-up celebrities engage in menial tasks to both impress host Donald Trump and reignite whatever small amount of fame they once possessed. And per usual, this season’s cast is stacked with “talent.” Who better to watch trying to impress an egotistical old man than the likes of Clay Aiken, Dee Snider, Aresenio Hall, and Debbie Gibson? So to prepare you for what is sure to be an incredible season, we’ve broken down this year’s contestants and how we think they’ll fare.

By Dan Hyman

celebrity apprentice, Cheryl Tiegs

Bobby Bank/WireImage

Cheryl Tiegs

Age: 64

Claim To Fame: As the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover girl on three separate occasions in the Seventies and Eighties, Tiegs established herself as a modeling icon. In recent times, she's served as a judge on ABC's True Beauty and yes, even has her own line of wigs for Revlon.

What To Expect: The fact that Tiegs has disposed of four husbands during her lifetime signals that she's a no-BS kind of’ gal. Also working in her favor is the fact that Trump grew up during her modeling heyday; chances are he's already an admirer of her work.

celebrity apprentice, Patricia Velasquez

Bobby Bank/WireImage

Patricia Velasquez

Age: 41

Claim To Fame: This long-legged lady is widely considered to be the first Latin supermodel. And like Tiegs, Velasquez is also a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue alumnus. Back in 1992, she appeared in the Red Hot Chili Peppers video for "Breaking The Girl," which is completely meaningless, but nonetheless amazing.

What To Expect: Velasquez should hope for challenges that require the use of other languages: she's fluent in English, French, Italian and Spanish. But seeing as this is almost certainly unlikely to happen as the show is broadcast in English, not much is working in Velasquez’s favor