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Kevin Smith on Charlie Sheen, Pot and Being Fat

Outtakes from the Rolling Stone profile

Photograph by Peter Yang

In the May 12th issue of Rolling Stone, on newsstands and in the digital archive now, contributing editor Josh Eells speaks to director Kevin Smith – who reveals that he's calling it quits, loves smoking pot and what he really thinks of his critics. Here are choice outtakes from his story.


Video: Kevin Smith on His First Horror Film, 'Red State'

Dimension Films/ Miramax Films/Getty Images

On His Critics

"It’s not like I have a thin skin. I’ve got fucking rhinoceros skin. But the shit with the films, it cuts close. Like, I can’t believe someone who’s never even tried this is gonna come down on me for doing it wrong. Can I see your example? I think critiquing a film is such a waste of time. It’s art — either you like it or you don’t. One man’s Clerks is another man’s Juwanna Man.”

Mark Mainz/Getty Images

On Retiring at 40

"Forty, man. The other day I fucking felt something on my ball. I was like, 'Oh my God, what is that? Maybe I should go look at it.' But then I decided I’ve got enough going on already. So I’d rather relax right now — because it sounds like the next 10 years fucking blow."

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