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Grant Morrison’s Guide to Batman on the Big Screen

‘He’s got everything,’ says auteur

batman the dark knight rises

Scottish comic book auteur Grant Morrison is convinced that Batman is the medium's greatest character: "He's an outlaw. He’s an inventor. He’s a detective. He’s got better gadgets than James Bond and he looks like Dracula. He's got everything." As Morrison researched his superhero history book Supergods, he sat through every minute of Batman's TV and movie incarnations. Here is Morrison's guide to Batman on film.

dark knight

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‘The Dark Knight’

"Everything's so beautifully composed. They're trying to be a little more literary than movies we usually see. The structure of it is brilliant – split down the middle, based on the idea of Two Face's coin. Everything's upbeat in the first half of the movie, and then when you think, really, the movie should be over, the bad guy's captured, a whole new movie starts and everybody dies. The White Knight is Harvey Dent, and then he becomes the Dark Knight – a good man who's turned into a monster by the machinations of the Joker. Everything doubles, and it's constantly moving – it's a really great piece of cinema. I haven't quite seen anybody reaching this high. And I do not think it is going to be topped until the third one comes out."

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