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‘Girls’ Season Two’s Biggest ‘WTF’ Moments

The Brooklyn crew’s most awkward, outrageous encounters

Lena Dunham, Girls

Jessica Miglio

If people were scandalized by the sheer amount of frank nudity and graphic sex during Girls' first season, Season Two has been all about the bizarre details, sudden character shifts and unsettling reveals. Booth Jonathan's Victorian sex doll, anyone? Adam's ill-gotten bathroom dog? Jessa's picnic basket of puppies?!

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Plain nudity just can't compete with an unexpectedly disturbing moment. Or maybe watching a Q-tip rip open someone's eardrum would be unsettling, no matter what. Either way, chances are you were unnerved by the 12 Most WTF Moments of Girls' Season Two. Click through and shudder along.

By Halle Kiefer

Lena Dunham, Girls

Jessica Miglio


Hannah’s Q-Tip Accident (Episode 9)

Face-grabbing, door-slamming, stranger-shoving: all of Hannah's stress-induced compulsions are hard to watch. That being said, none of them hold a candle to watching her puncture her own eardrum with a Q-tip. Her screams ("I heard air hiss out the hole!") will haunt our dreams forever – or at least until Season Three.

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