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‘Girls’ Season Two’s Biggest ‘WTF’ Moments

The Brooklyn crew’s most awkward, outrageous encounters

Lena Dunham, Girls

Jessica Miglio

If people were scandalized by the sheer amount of frank nudity and graphic sex during Girls' first season, Season Two has been all about the bizarre details, sudden character shifts and unsettling reveals. Booth Jonathan's Victorian sex doll, anyone? Adam's ill-gotten bathroom dog? Jessa's picnic basket of puppies?!

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Plain nudity just can't compete with an unexpectedly disturbing moment. Or maybe watching a Q-tip rip open someone's eardrum would be unsettling, no matter what. Either way, chances are you were unnerved by the 12 Most WTF Moments of Girls' Season Two. Click through and shudder along.

By Halle Kiefer

Allison Williams, Andrew Rannells, Girls

Jessica Miglio


Elijah and Marnie Have Sex (Episode 1)

Girls' second season started out with an uncomfortable bang, literally. Of course, it wouldn't be a Girls sex scene unless someone was losing their erection a few feet away from a karaoke machine. The fact that the sex scene was between Hannah's gay ex, Elijah, and her buttoned-up best friend, Marnie, is what lifted it into WTF territory.

Lena Dunham, Jemima Kirke, Girls

Jessica Miglio


Jessa’s Basket O’ Puppies (Episode 2)

Jessa and Thomas-John's marriage may have disintegrated in a flurry of smashed statuettes and name-calling almost as soon as it had begun, but Thomas-John's basketful of picnic puppies for his bride made for the cutest WTF moment of the season, followed closely by their adorable puppy names: Garbage, Fucker and Hannukah.

Judy Collins, Girls

Jessica Miglio


Judy Collins Calls Out Hannah (Episode 8)

It'd be bad enough to have your high-school OCD rear its ugly head, as it did for Hannah. It would be worse still to fight with your parents about it. But to have OCD, fight with your parents about it and then have singer/songwriter/American treasure Judy Collins call you out from the stage as you slink toward the bathroom would be almost unbearably WTF.

Alex Karpovsky, Adam Driver, Girls

Jessica Miglio


Adam’s Bathroom Dog (Episode 6)

We can all agree that Adam seems like the type of guy who would steal a stranger's dog and keep him locked in a bathroom as a way to deal with a moment of emotional distress. That doesn't make the reveal of the snarling, leaping bathroom hound any less WTF.

Alex Karpovsky, Girls

Jessica Miglio


Ray’s Staten Island Run-In (Episode 6)

Ray's decision to go with Adam to Staten Island to return a stranger's dog was bizarre in and of itself. Had he not heard by then that Adam is totally unhinged? Having a Staten Island teen scream an ethnic slur in Ray's face when he attempted to return her family's pet, however, was the episode's WTF coup de grace.

Lena Dunham, Girls

Jessica Miglio


Hannah’s 911 Call (Episode 2)

Adam's decision to "let himself" into Hannah's apartment in the middle of the night was perturbing, but sort of par for the course. Hannah's accidental 911 call leading to Adam's arrest, however, was not. Of course, neither were quite as insane as Hannah's response to the NYPD's prompt arrival: "I can’t believe you guys come every time somebody calls! I mean, that seems really alarmist. And crazy." Whaaa?

Zosia Mamet, Alex Karpovsky, Girls

Jessica Miglio


Shoshanna’s Interlude With a Doorman (Episode 8)

Shosh has been getting minimal screen time this season, but at least they're using those few moments wisely. After losing her virginity to Ray, the onetime sexual novice unexpectedly hooked up with a hot doorman after a party. The least virginy virgin no longer! Here's hoping her out-of-character shenanigans signal a character sea change.

Lena Dunham, Patrick Wilson, Girls

Jessica Miglio


Hannah’s Fainting Spell (Episode 5)

Topless ping-pong during a two-day stand with a total stranger looked downright normal compared to Hannah's fainting spell in the steam shower owned by divorced doctor and garbage-bin stickler, Joshua. Even her subsequent emotional rant (complete with semi-confession of molestation) was less surprising than her sudden slide into unconsciousness. And Joshua wasn't at all alarmed about that? WTF?

Allison Williams, Jorma Taccone, Girls

Jessica Miglio


Booth’s Sex Doll (Episode 3)

"She feels. . . sassy?" The most objectively hilarious WTF moment of Season Two had to be Booth and Marnie's uncomfortable doll sex. "Look at the doll. Describe her. How is she feeling?" Booth's genius-artist id demanded of a disbelieving Marnie. "No, she's sad," he corrected her. Can you blame her? Did we mention they're spread-eagle?

Lena Dunham, Girls

Jessica Miglio


Hannah’s Graveyard Sex (Episode 7)

Hannah's two instances of open-air peeing were big WTF moments in Episode Seven, but the combination of her raging UTI, her peculiar sex partner Frank and their decision to do it in a rural cemetery trumps a little naked butt any day. This is Girls, after all! If we haven't seen you peeing while naked, you almost certainly aren't a series regular.

Adam Driver, Shiri Appleby, Girls

Jessica Miglio


The Crawl (Episode 9)

After watching him fall off the wagon, everyone with a working knowledge of Girls knew something unpleasant was about to go down between Adam and his new girlfriend, Natalia. Making her crawl down the hallway only to endure what can politely be called the worst sexual encounter on the series so far . . . well, we couldn't have predicted it.

Lena Dunham, Girls

Jessica Miglio


Hannah’s Q-Tip Accident (Episode 9)

Face-grabbing, door-slamming, stranger-shoving: all of Hannah's stress-induced compulsions are hard to watch. That being said, none of them hold a candle to watching her puncture her own eardrum with a Q-tip. Her screams ("I heard air hiss out the hole!") will haunt our dreams forever – or at least until Season Three.

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