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Carrie Fisher’s 10 Greatest ‘Star Wars’ Moments

From “Help me, Obi-Wan” to her poignant farewell, we remember the actor’s most iconic Princess Leia scenes

Carrie Fisher's 10 Greatest 'Star Wars' Moments Dead

From "Help me, Obi-Wan" to her poignant 'Rogue One' cameo – we remember Carrie Fisher's 10 greatest 'Star Wars' moments.


“This is our most desperate hour.” If you have to sum up the mood of the moment, look no further than the words of Princess Leia herself. In her most famous performance – one in which she’d anchor the first three films in the blockbuster Star Wars series, than reprise to rapturous acclaim decades later in The Force Awakens Carrie Fisher embodied hope in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. Whether she was playing it cool in one of Leia’s more regal moments, slinging insults and shooting stormtroopers as a Rebel leader or chronicling her real-life battles with addiction and mental illness in her fearlessly funny writing, Fisher was one of film’s great heroines, on screen and off. The 10 moments below are our tribute to the great woman’s greatest creation. We loved her; she knew.



“Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi – you’re my only hope” (‘A New Hope’)

It's just a tiny blue image projected from R2-D2 in Luke Skywalker's garage, repeating that mysterious phrase over and over. But this was more than just the message that set the plot of the original Star Wars trilogy in motion; this was a sort of magical incantation, one that promised desperation and heroism, saviors with strange names and stakes as big as that whole far-away galaxy. The full version of the holographic communication later unearthed by Luke and Obi-Wan revealed not only the backstory but Fisher's talent as an actor: She sold every bit of George Lucas's jargon-heavy, sketched-out worldbuilding like she was delivering a Shakespeare soliloquy. (The mileage the saga got out of the matter-of-fact, unexplained way she mentioned "the Clone Wars" alone is incalculable.) Many a lifelong love affair with Star Wars, sci-fi, fantasy fiction, and film itself began with these eight words. It all starts here.

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