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Boom and Bust: 10 Best Michael Bay Explosions

He’s made critical bombs but some awesome blockbuster carnage — here’s the cream of the director’s kabooms


Jaimie Trueblood/Paramount/courtesy Everett Collection

Action-movie auteur/helmer of international blockbusters/strong contender for the most hated man in film-fanatic circles Michael Bay has never hidden his affection for things that go boom, things that produce fireballs and flaming debris, things that go oh my god, do you think everyone on the pyrotechnics crew is okay?!? You can debate whether his work is Big Dumb Fun at its supersized summer-movie best or the nadir of lowest-common-denominator Hollywood filmmaking; if nothing else, Bay's signature style has given us plenty of massive cinematic explosions that double as awe-inspiring eye candy.

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So in honor of the director's latest sturm und drang assault on filmgoers who frequent air-conditioned multiplexes during the summer months — Transformers: Age of Extinction — we've ranked the director's 10 very best on-screen explosions. Guard your eyes and cover your ears, people: You’re about to get Bay-bombed. By Kate Erbland

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3. ‘Bad Boys II’: Cuban Mansion

You know who probably doesn't have homeowners insurance? Drug dealers, especially ones that own sprawling Florida mansions populated by guys in paramilitary uniforms with bad aim and baddies who scream, "Oh, my God! No! No!' when everything goes up in flames. There's no claim to be had here, and that makes it even more entertaining. Oh, and the two guys bickering in the Hummer don't hurt, either.

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2. ‘Pearl Harbor’: The Attack

Bay's panache for blowing things sky high might seem like a natural fit for a war movie. That, however, doesn't mean he's well-suited for more sensitive material — like, say, a big-screen retelling of a day that will live on in infamy. Were you to look for a silver lining to this critically panned dark cloud, you might focus on Bay's meticulous attention to different kinds of explosive devices — especially during his staging of the bombing of the U.S.S. Arizona, which he presents from the perspective of the falling bombs! No one could accuse him of subtlety.

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1. ‘Armageddon’: Bruce Willis vs. the Evil Asteroid

Technically speaking, the detonation that rocks the literal giant rock at the center of Armageddon isn't Bay's most impressive FX feat; the kaboom looks conspicuously fake and obviously crafted on a computer. Yet it's also dizzyingly over-the-top and the natural culmination of Bay's facility for choreographing big bangs – an explosion that's emotionally charged, saves the entire world and involves hallucinations about Liv Tyler. It's not his most jaw-dropping moment of cinematic destruction, but from a storytelling point of view, it's arguably his best. Plus anything that starts with Ben Affleck cry-screaming, "I love you!" is an automatic winner.

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