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Blood, Bullets & Bodies: ‘Raid 2’s’ Gareth Evans on Great Action Films

The director of the over-the-top martial-arts sequel highlights five action movies that kick ass

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A prison riot that turns into a bloody, muddy free-for-all. A subway siege in which a woman wielding a hammer dispatches a platoon of thugs one cracked skull at a time. A gunfight in a black-market porn-distribution warehouse that ends with thousands of bullet shells and bodies on the ground. These are just four of the numerous set pieces featured in The Raid 2, Gareth Evans’ sequel to his 2011 Indonesian-cops-versus-criminals opus that set the standard for screen carnage. But any one of those aforementioned sequences alone could wipe the floor with most action movies, much less packaged together in a film that packs more punches — and kicks, knifings, beatings, shootings and overall violence — per quota than the original. “We do want to make sure  that everything we do is bigger and better than what we did previously,” Evans told us back in January, after the film’s premiere at Sundance. Mission accomplished.

How ‘The Raid 2’ Redefines Action Cinema

The Welsh-born director is nothing if not a connossieur of action movies, however, and has never shied away from praising the filmmakers who choreograohed such beautiful mayhem before him. So while he was getting ready for The Raid 2‘s release on March 28, Rolling Stone asked him to single out the five action movies that were the biggest influence on him. Here’s what he picked. DAVID FEAR


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