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22 ‘Nashville’ Songs That Made the Show

Whatever upheavals are in store, the music will always remain center stage

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There's thirteen hundred and fifty-two guitar pickers in Nashville – at least that's what Steve Earle and the Lovin' Spoonful said. Nashville is a music mecca, where hopefuls flock and fight for notoriety in a city that puts country crooners on the map (and the radio.) On television, Nashville delivers the lifeblood of its subject and then some: it's a potent mix of concert and drama, with colorful accents and larger-than-life personalities to boot. And its music has been converting disinterested channel surfers since day one: Tracks for the first season were produced by T Bone Burnett, whose O Brother, Where Art Thou? soundtrack won five Grammys and who more recently produced the Inside Llewyn Davis LP. He's since left the show, but Season Two's transition to Buddy Miller as has been relatively seamless. These 22 tracks represent the program's best performances to date. Kiran Herbert

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“How You Learn to Live Alone”

This is Avery's first appearance on this list, mostly because he was an asshole with a big ego prior to the Season Two premiere. Not only does this tune prove he has talent, but it showcases the new Avery, humbled by a breakup and a record deal come and gone. This song particularly resonates with Scarlett, who is single for the first time since Nashville began, having ended things with Gunnar before they ever got started.

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“Adios Old Friend”

Gunnar's first appearance as a solo artist is a tribute to his "biggest heartbreak," and guess what – it's not Scarlett. It's an ode to his deceased brother, an outlaw in the vein of Steve Earle who was beaten to death in an alley. Newcomer Zoey (Chaley Rose) may be Scarlet's bestie, but she's showing a little too much interest in her ex.

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“Wayfaring Stranger”

Finally, Zoey is ready to grace us with her voice. "Wayfaring Stranger" is an old, 19th-century spiritual that's been recorded by Johnny Cash, Jack White and Emmylou Harris. Though it's a sad song that's much longer than this version, it's a sweet a cappella throwback amid all the heavy production in Music City.

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“Trouble Is”

Speaking of production, here's Juliette's million-dollar serenade for a wealthy couple renewing their vows. The blonde guy is the groom, though he's just as much trouble as Juliette. Once he figures out that Avery isn't her boyfriend, he's quick to seduce the drunken superstar.

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“Come See About Me”

What a sweet, sisterly Motown moment. Unfortunately, this adorable display can only mean disastrous things to come for these friends.

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“This Town”

Scarlett seems to know things aren't right all over "This Town," and as her and Deacon sing away, other characters wake up to the realization that something's amiss in their glamorous home.

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Juliette's upset that everyone isn't supportive of her Opry spot. This performance reminds viewers how talented she is, and if people aren't taking her seriously, they better – and quick. Unless her actions compromise her fan base. . .

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“Every Time I Fall in Love”

Nashville is a drama where everyone falls in love. Avery is banking on a fresh start with Scarlett; Zoey is hoping Scarlet falls back into Avery's arms so she can go at it with Gunnar; Deacon is in a grounded relationship too good to be true; and Juliette is risking it all for the unhappy millionaire. And after this stellar performance, Scarlet secures herself a spot on Luke Wheeler's tour. The only catch? His new crush Rayna has to visit. It's safe to say that whatever emotional upheavals the rest of Season Two has in store, the music will always remain center stage.

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