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20 Scariest Horror Movies You’ve Never Seen

From French slasher flicks to Spanish ghost stories, here are a handful of horror flicks that make for perfect alt-Halloween viewing.

Every Halloween, people reach for a small, select group of horror films to satisfy their scary-movie craving. Maybe it's one of the canonized classics, like the original versions of Halloween, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, or Dawn of the Dead. Perhaps its something from the many slasher-icon franchises that sprung up in the 1980s, when you had a choice of Jasons, Freddys or Chuckys. Or maybe you head straight for the boundary-testers of the 2000s, when the Saw and Hostel movies shoved the genre into torture-porn territory.

Regardless of whether viewers prefer original recipe or extra-crispy, however, folks tend to go for a number of no-brainer titles — the kind of films that even a non-horror fanatic knew about. (Ask the average moviegoer who Jigsaw is and you're likely to get a blank stare; ask them if they know about the Saw series and watch them shudder in recognition.) But what if you're looking for something besides the usual scary-movie suspects? Nothing too extreme, too underground or too obscure…just a few choices that might be outside the norm or under the radar, yet would still bring the fear in a big way?

In the spirit of helping you achieve the maximum clammy-palmed, dry-mouthed, soiled-undergarment Halloween chills, we've come up with some alt-viewing options. Here are 20 horror movies that you probably haven't seen and will scare the beejesus out of you in a big way. (We're talking from 1968 to the present, since that was the year George A. Romero helped kickstart the modern wave of horror with Night of the Living Dead.)  Some are from the arthouse, some are from today's equivalent of the grindhouse, some might not even seem like a horror movie at first glance. Maybe you've even heard of a few of these titles. But chances are good that, unless you're a diehard scary-movie aficionado, you may not have seen all of these genre treasures — and trust us, you need to.


‘Thesis’ (1996)

While working on a thesis about violence in cinema, a grad student discovers a movie in which a fellow student who disappeared three years earlier is tortured and killed. After enlisting a friend obsessed with grindhouse flicks to help investigate the murder, the duo link the girl's murder to an ex-boyfriend at the school…or do they? Snuff films have been explored before in everything from Cannibal Holocaust to David Cronenberg's Videodrome, but director Alejandro Amenábar (Open Your Eyes, The Others) balances actual, terrifying visuals with Hitchcockian red herrings for one of the best debut films in years. The technology might be quaint, but the fear remains resonant. JN


‘Trouble Every Day’ (2001)

Acclaimed French art-house director Claire Denis doesn’t often show up on lists of scary-movie masters, but she proved herself a true genius of body horror with this gorgeous, shocking riff on the bloodsucker genre. Vincent Gallo and Béatrice Dalle are the subjects of a scientific experiment that has left them thirsty for the sweet red stuff; yet rather than interpret their lust as either romantic or tragic, Denis treats these monsters as base, carnal, and terribly single-minded. The film's gory centerpiece is a depiction of extreme erotic hunger as unwatchably gruesome as it is strangely sexy: Eat your heart out, all other vampire movies. MK

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