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13 Terrifying Horror Movies You Can’t Unsee

Stream these insanely scary films tonight on Netflix Instant

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Netflix has you covered this Halloween, so you'll never have to sit through another major network marathon again. In no particular order, these are the creepiest movies you can stream to instantly get your spook on. Anthony Verducci

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‘V/H/S’ (2012)

V/H/S is a first person view, found-footage horror anthology, with each vignette directed by different talent. The wraparound plot centers around a group of thugs hired to steal a rare VHS tape located inside a seemingly abandoned, creepy house. As they stumble around the house they play different tapes, revealing twisted, gruesome and terrifying tales. But will we ever know who recorded them?

Creepiest Scene: Naked chaos insues in a hotel room when a shy girl reveals she's a hungry monster.

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‘The Evil Dead’ (1981)

Five friends on a cabin retreat uncover the Book of the Dead and a convenient taped translation of the text. Once the tape is played, all hell breaks loose as unspeakable evil is unleashed. Each victim is possessed and transformed into "deadites," with our unfortunate hero, Ash, having to kill his friends to survive.

Creepiest Scene: An unlucky girl, Cheryl, gets raped by trees.

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‘Re-Animator’ (1985)

Based on a H. P. Lovecraft story, Herbert West is a quirky yet brilliant medical student at college obsessed with finding the secret of bringing the dead back to life. He involves his roommate, Dan, and his hot girlfriend, Meagan, in bizarre experiments, and the trio ultimately have to fend off a gang of re-animated corpses.

Creepiest Scene: The severed head of Dr. Hill, going down on Meagan in a morgue.

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‘The Pact’ (2012)

A creepy movie about sisters returning home after their mother dies. While getting the house in order, ghostly phenomena start happening. Is the house possessed, or is someone else lurking in the shadows? It's not until Anne starts having visions and nightmares that she finds the path to uncovering her dead mother's horrible secret.

Creepiest Scene: Lets just say there's a secret room. . .

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‘American Mary’ (2012)

Mary is a broke medical student who is drugged and raped at a party she's invited to by her professor. Fleeing school and desperate for money, she is thrown into the underworld of body modification. But these aren't your ordinary alterations. They're highly illegal and bordering on immoral, but if you have enough cash, Mary will take good care of you.

Creepiest Scene: Finding out what she did – and is still doing – to the professor that raped her.

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‘Satan’s Little Helper’ (2004)

During Halloween, nerdy little Douglas Whooly unknowingly befriends a masked serial killer. Doug and his new best pal live out his favorite video game Satan's Little Helper. Doug thinks it's all make believe, so the two continue to terrorize the locals – and then his family.

Creepiest Scene: When Doug's sister Jenna think her boyfriend Alex is trying to have sex with her, Doug interrupts just before it goes too far.

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‘Event Horizon’ (1997)

The crew of the Lewis and Clark, led by Captain Miller (Laurence Fishburne), is sent to investigate the lost spaceship Event Horizon which disappeared seven years earlier. As the crew explores the inner workings of the ship, an evil presence begins to torture each of them. Dr. Weir – the scientist who created the Event Horizon – realizes that it's gone beyond the boundaries of our universe and on to hell itself.

Creepiest Scene: The showdown between Weir (Sam Neill) and Miller. (It's not every day you get to see hell.)

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‘Maniac’ (2012)

Frank Zito (Elijah Wood) is a mentally disturbed man who runs the family's business, mannequin sales. As a kid, he was abused by his mother. Letting him watch her have group sex pushed to the surface feelings of killing. Now this murderer stalks the night looking for female victims to kill, scalp and use their hair as mannequin wigs.

Creepiest Scene: The first kill, which sets the tone for the whole movie.

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‘The Human Centipede (First Sequence)’ (2010)

Siamese twin surgeon Dr. Josef Heiter has a twisted idea of kidnapping three unwilling volunteers, stitching them together anus to mouth and creating the first human centipede. Don't be afraid to watch: This movie is surprising light on gore, and decently acted.

Creepiest Scene: When the head of the centipede has to go to the bathroom, the excitement on Dr. Heiter's face is priceless.

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‘Stake Land’ (2010)

Martin hooks up with "Mister," a bad-ass vampire killer in a post-apocalyptic wasteland ruled by vamps. He must live by Mister's rules if he want to make  to "new Eden" (Canada!) and survive.

Creepiest Scene: A flashback that demonstrates why vampires make bad babysitters.

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‘The Cabin in the Woods’ (2012)

When will people learn. . . Stop going to creepy cabins! A group of kids go to a remote "cabin in the woods" to blow off some steam; you know, drink, smoke pot and have sex.  Typical hijinks. Yep, they're going to die. But writer Josh Whedon turns the genre on its head, mixing mythology, science and cultural commentary together in a blend that somehow works.

Creepiest Scene: Monsters of all shapes and sizes, unleashed all at once.

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‘The ABCs of Death’ (2012)

26 letters of the alphabet means 26 ways to die! Each director in this anthology was given a letter of the alphabet, and had free reign to chose whatever word they wanted to create a story centering on death.

Creepiest Scene: Let's just say T is for toilet.

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‘The Collection’ (2012)

Our anti-hero Arkin escapes from the grasps of a genius serial killer, the Collector, only to be hired to rescue another victim.  The Collector has booby trapped his home, waiting to dice anyone who dares trespass. Think Home Alone with a sadist engineer inside.

Creepiest Scene: The opening party, which turns a dance club into a mechanized bloodbath.

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