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Trailers of the Week: ‘Springsteen on Broadway,’ ‘I Am the Night,’ ‘Artemis Fowl’

From a first look at Disney’s new YA franchise to a peek at Chris Pine’s Black Dahlia-influenced new miniseries — your new trailer round-up

Springsteen on BroadwaySpringsteen on Broadway

Springsteen on Broadway

Kevin Mazur/Netflix

This week in trailer-osity: A quick first looks at a new Disney YA franchise; one last look at Hulu’s YA du jour series, right before the new season drops; a tease for Springsteen on Broadway coming to a living room near you; and extended looks at a slasher-flick sequel, the new film from the director of Moonlight and a noirish miniseries about L.A. serial killers featuring Chris Pine. Watch, and learn.

Artemis Fowl
Here comes Disney with another YA novel series ready for big-screen franchisin’! Eoin Colfer’s book about a 12-year-old supergenius who comes from a long line of supergeniuses — and evil ones, at that — gets the blockbuster treatment, with the trailer proving that a) Ferdia Shaw certainly looks the part of young Master Fowl, b) director Kenneth Brannagh sure does love those gliding god’s-eye overhead shots and c) you can never go wrong with dressing Hong Chau up a magical fairy, laser guns and/or setting a teaser to Radiohead’s “Decks Dark.” It’s coming to a multiplex near you on Aug. 9th, 2019.

Happy Death Day 2U
Remember that meta-slasher flick that took a Groundhogs Day-like idea — a “final girl” keeps getting murdered by a killer in a creepy baby mask, then is forced to relive the same day over and over again — and turned into a box-office hit? Did you think they would not turn this into a modern-horror series?! The trailer for the sequel has our heroine Tree Gelbman (Jessica Rothe) quickly running through the first movie’s plot, then explaining that she is now living the “best version” of her life. Except what’s up with that whole crowd of people wearing the baby mask? And what if “the loop” is not only back but expanding its pool of victims? It comes out Valentine’s Day, 2019. Take a loved one, then murder them — and when the day resets you can just do the whole thing again. (Editor’s note: Please don’t do this.)

I Am the Night
Take one journalist in 1950s Los Angeles — make him movie-star handsome like Chris Pine. Add a young woman who runs away and finds herself in the big bad City of Angels, as well as a doctor with a reputation for certain … perverse proclivities. Then connect the whole thing to the infamous Black Dahlia murder case and get Wonder Woman‘s Patti Jenkins to direct it. Serves six — episodes, that is, because it’s a miniseries. This true-crime nugget premieres Jan. 28th, 2019. We’re already clearing a space for it on next year’s Top 10 list just in case this is actually as good as the trailer suggests it is.

If Beale Street Could Talk
How do you follow up a masterpiece like Moonlight? You do what Barry Jenkins did, which was use your newfound capital and industry juice to make a pet project come alive. His adaptation of James Baldwin’s 1974 novel is a swooning take on Harlem life in the Seventies — and this final trailer, set to a low-key version of Lauryn Hill’s “Killing Me Softly” cover, emphasizes the uplift over the heartbreak. Don’t miss this movie. It opens Dec. 14th.

Runaways, Season 2
The Marvel/Hulu teen superhero show is back — and more Oedipally driven, telepathic-dinosaur-featuring than ever! If you’ve been watching this YA show about gifted high schoolers who discover their parents are supervillains, and who realize they must band together and use their own powers to save humanity, then you’ll understand what’s behind those terse looks and cryptic asides. If not, feel free to simply bask in a lot of shots of action sequences, suspiciously glowing characters and sense of apocalyptic doom. “They’re our parents … how could they be monsters?” one kid asks. We have a poem you may want to read. New season drops on Dec. 21st.

Springsteen on Broadway
So Let’s say you didn’t get to see the Boss do his one-man show on Broadway: No worries, Netflix has your back. This performance movie of Bruce Springsteen’s evening of of singin’ and storytellin’ captures the legendary run for posterity, with the saint in the city recounting his childhood years, his search for a voice and his discovery of rock and roll as the sound of salvation. The trailer gives you a sense of what to expect if you weren’t sitting in those sits at the Walter Kerr Theater — a man from New Jersey, a guitar and a piano, maybe a came from his wife Patti Scialfa and a whole lot of personal anecdotes. It premieres on the streaming service on Dec. 16th.



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