Tribeca Film Festival 2017: 20 Movies We Can't Wait to See

From docs on Puff Daddy and Public Image Ltd. to British comedies and Aussie horror – your complete guide to the downtown NYC film fest

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Courtesy of 2017 Tribeca Film Festival 15/20


From its first five minutes – in which a rolling bone-demon with a steer skull kidnaps a cow and "helicopters" it away – Estonian writer-director Rainer Sarnet drops you into a world that's part Grimm fairy tale, part Eastern European folklore and all fever dream. Sure, it's your typical boy-meets-girl, boy-falls-in-love-with-local-baroness, girl-casts-spell-on-her-romantic-competition chestnut, rendered in some of the most gorgeous black-and-white cinematography in recent memory. But where most old-world yarn spinners would take the building blocks of freaky Freudian bedtime stories (sleepwalking damsels, deals with the devil, witches, werewolves, class warfare) and milk them dry, Sarnet doesn't stop until he's fried them (and your frontal lobe) to a crisp. It's a beautiful as it is profoundly weird-as-fuck. DF

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