Toronto Film Festival 2017: 30 Movies We Can't Wait to See

From Oscar potentials to Lady Gaga and Grace Jones docs and a secret Louis C.K. movie, our must-see picks for the fest

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'The Square'

'The Square'

Ah yes, the modern art world – so ripe for being ribbed! The latest from Swedish director Ruben Östlund (Force Majeure) observes a museum curator (Claes Bang) getting pickpocketed and having his phone swiped in an elaborate scam; his quest to retrieve his stuff and maybe get a little revenge ends up leading to a downward spiral of sorts. Meanwhile, Östlund proceeds to aim both barrels at the high-art culture that turns postmodern chin-strokers into celebrities and parallel mounds of dirts into a "masterpiece." Elisabeth Moss and The Wire's Dominic West show up as a journalist and an earthwork sculptor, respectively; an extended set piece involving a performance artist pretending to be an ape at a fundraiser will have you both cracking up and chewing your fingernails down to the quick.

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