Toronto Film Festival 2017: 30 Movies We Can't Wait to See

From Oscar potentials to Lady Gaga and Grace Jones docs and a secret Louis C.K. movie, our must-see picks for the fest

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'I Love You, Daddy'

'I Love You, Daddy'

Hey, remember when Louis C.K. just dropped a whole cringe-comedy-cum-Iceman Cometh-style psychodrama TV series (Horace and Pete) on us without any sort of advance warning? Now he's blessed us with an out-of-nowhere movie as well. Made on the down-low, the comedian's latest endeavor was shot on black-and-white 35mm film, stars C.K. (as well as Edie Falco, Rose Byrne and John Malkovich) and allegedly involves show business. That's about the extent of what the auteur and the festival will say about it – like its production, everything about this project is mondo hush-hush. And given the stand-up's sensibility, that title could be interpreted as incredibly sentimental or ironic and sickening. Our curiosity is off the charts.

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