Top 30 Stephen King Movies, Ranked

From haunted hotels to prison-yard blues, 'Carrie' to 'Christine' – the major adaptations of the iconic author's work, from worst to best

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'Dolores Claiborne' (1995)
Kathy Bates, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Everett Collection11/30

11. 'Dolores Claiborne' (1995)

After winning her Misery Oscar, Kathy Bates returns to the author's world in an even richer role as a put-upon maid accused of murdering her senile millionairess boss. The news spurs the return of her estranged, brittle daughter (Jennifer Jason Leigh); as the investigation proceeds, flashbacks reveal the dark secrets of their forlorn lives in a depressingly masculine world. Taylor Hackford's elegant expressionistic direction showcases this beautifully crafted feminist nightmare, which doubles as a sterling example of the author eschewing supernatural scares for the horror of everyday existence – and a great case study for how to turn such material into a first-rate character-based thriller. SG

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