Top 30 Stephen King Movies, Ranked

From haunted hotels to prison-yard blues, 'Carrie' to 'Christine' – the major adaptations of the iconic author's work, from worst to best

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'Cujo' (1983)
Mills Watson being attacked by the rabid St.Bernard Everett Collection18/30

18. 'Cujo' (1983)

A mother and her young son are held hostage in a hot, broken car by a massive, rabid St. Bernard – but first, there's a whole lot of domestic drama to get through! The characters in Lewis Teague's film version aren't quite as fleshed out as they are in King's claustrophobic 1981 novel, nor are their actions always understandable. Not to mention the fact that the film's moody approach to the story makes one miss the devil-may-care sleaziness of the book. (The author was reportedly drinking himself silly during the period when he wrote it.) Despite all that, this dog-eat-person tale works: The central set piece of Dee Wallace v. killer canine is wonderfully tense and despairing – a terrified mother trying to protect herself and her fragile young son in the most surreal and terrifying of circumstances. BE

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