Top 30 Stephen King Movies, Ranked

From haunted hotels to prison-yard blues, 'Carrie' to 'Christine' – the major adaptations of the iconic author's work, from worst to best

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'Creepshow' (1982)
Ted Danson, Gaylen Ross, Everett Collection10/30

10. 'Creepshow' (1982)

It's technically not an out-and-out adaptation of one of King's books – the author wrote most of this E.C. Comics homage for the screen, only later turning the collection into an incredible graphic novel with legendary artist Bernie Wrightson. But we're including it nonetheless, as the movie could not be a purer distillation of the novelist's horror-centric sensibilities. The writer teamed up with George A. Romero for this bloody valentine to William Gaines' 1950s gore-peddlers – "the epitome of horror," he declares in Danse Macabre – and the quintet of delightfully ghoulish tales (two based on King’s stories "Weeds" and "The Crate") are a scream: undead patriarchs, interstellar kudzu, sea-soaked zombie lovers, an ancient Antarctic gorilla ... even King himself as a hillbilly rube. Plus, thanks to make-up wizard Tom Savini, this candy-colored nightmare features some of the most indelible gross-out images of the Eighties. Cockroach-infested corpse, anyone? SG

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