'The X Factor' Season Two Awards

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Worst Team Makeover: Young Adults
FOX via Getty Images11/12

Worst Team Makeover: Young Adults

Hands down, this award goes to Demi Lovato and her hot mess of a team (and, possibly, Demi's ever-changing hair and eyebrows). Before the live shows started, her contestants – Jennel Garcia, Paige Thomas and CeCe Frey – seemed pretty strong. But Demi's slash-and-burn extreme makeovers did more harm than good. Jennel went from a lovable girl-next-door to a cringe-worthy rock & roll sex kitten, while Paige buzzed off all her hair and CeCe became a bleached blond Ke$ha knockoff. Plus, the girls were often stuck with over-the-top productions and songs that just didn't jell, which got Jennel tossed after just two performances and left the others hanging on for dear life week after week. Surprisingly, polarizing CeCe got closest to the finish line, petering out at a distant sixth place.

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