'The X Factor' Season Two Awards

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Worst Celebrity Knock-off: Paige Thomas
FOX via Getty Images6/12

Worst Celebrity Knock-off: Paige Thomas

While we have called Jason Brock "the poor man's Adam Lambert" and fans cried foul over CeCe Frey's transformation into Ke$ha, it's Rihanna wannabe Paige Thomas who easily walks away with this award. From day one, Paige skated by on her dead-ringer good looks, clearing round after round of the competition no matter how bad she sounded. She should have never made it to the live shows. But once she did, the judges always commented on how she "looked" like a star. They only had money in their eyes. Thankfully, viewers saw through the façade and escorted Paige out of the competition in 8th place. There's only room for one RiRi in this world.

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