'The X Factor' Season Two Awards

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Best Team Makeover: Over 25s
FOX via Getty Images12/12

Best Team Makeover: Over 25s

While there's a case to be made for both Simon Cowell's and Britney Spears' teams here, no one can deny that mentor L.A. Reid did one hell of a job with his Over 25s. Before the live shows started, we thought Reid had been handed a doomed island of misfit toys with contestants Jason Brock, Vino Alan and Tate Stevens. And things seemed especially shaky when Reid threw a temper tantrum when he first learned he was "stuck" with the geriatric crew. But Vino and Tate quickly became fan favorites (although Jason was the very first contestant to go). In the end, Tate won the whole damn thing. Chill-bumps, can you feel 'em?