'The X Factor' Season Two Awards

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Best Accessory: Lyric Da Queen's Eyepatch
Gregg DeGuire/WireImage5/12

Best Accessory: Lyric Da Queen's Eyepatch

Some might think it was Vino Alan's tatted-on hairline or Simon Cowell's often-exposed chest hair (ew), or maybe even Demi Lovato's caterpillar eyebrows, but we're giving this one to Lyric 145's Lyric Da Queen and her badass eyepatch. She seemed to have one for every occasion, ­ from a patriotic red, white and blue-bedazzled American flag to strings of shiny diamonds cascading down her cheek. While it wasn't just for show (she actually needs to wear one), it certainly made her one of the more memorable contestants to grace the X Factor stage. We were sorry to see her and her unique eyewear make an unexpectedly early exit. Guess others weren't so enamored.

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