The Women of 'Mad Men'

For these gals, 1968's been a year packed with tumultuous surprises

Janis Joplin
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Janis Joplin

Back in April, Matthew Weiner told Rolling Stone's Sarene Leeds that if one song summed up 1968, it would be "Piece of My Heart." As he said, "It's druggy, it's sexual, it's personal." And what do you know: "Piece of My Heart" was one of the season's finest music moments, Janis Joplin voicing her feminist anger and pain while Pete Campbell tokes up in a haze of self-loathing resignation. But "Ball and Chain" is the Janis performance that really sums up the season for most of these female characters – especially when so many of their crises are Don's doing. It's like their lives are the collateral damage in his downward spiral. And as the late great Janis used to say: Honey, it ain't fair.

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