'The Walking Dead': Biggest Surprises of Season Three, Pt. Two

Plot twists and changes-of-heart marked a strong second half

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Axel Bites the Dust (Episode 10, 'Home')
Gene Page/AMC5/10

5. Axel Bites the Dust (Episode 10, 'Home')

Poor, poor pitiful Axel! We were just getting to know him! He shared his backstory with Carol, and it sort of seemed like they were flirting just a tiny bit. After all, how bad can a man who conducted a stick-up with a watergun actually be? Just as viewers were lulled into a sort of peaceful Zen watching Axel banter with Carol, all hell breaks out at the prison. The Governor's army attacks, spraying the prison yard with bullets as Axel's head explodes. Alas, poor Axel. We barely knew you.

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