'The Walking Dead': Biggest Surprises of Season Three, Pt. Two

Plot twists and changes-of-heart marked a strong second half

Andrea Makes a Choice (Episode 13, 'Arrow on the Doorpost')
Gene Page/AMC10/10

10. Andrea Makes a Choice (Episode 13, 'Arrow on the Doorpost')

Andrea wants to broker a peace treaty between the Governor and Rick, but her boyfriend kicks her out of the barn when she tries to use her fancy lawyering skills to help smooth out the negotiations. While she pouts outside, stunned at her ouster, Hershel consoles her. He tells her that the Governor is all sorts of nasty, and Andrea finally finds out what he was going to do to Maggie. Hershel urges Andrea to abandon Woodbury and return to her friends living in the prison. But Andrea has seen their dank and zombie-threatened home, and in the end she chooses to return to Woodbury with the man who keeps detached heads floating in aquariums. Really, Andrea?