'The Voice' Season Two Awards

The best, worst and craziest of the hit singing competition's second season

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Best 'Mask of Terror' Face: Pip
Lewis Jacobs/NBC8/10

Best 'Mask of Terror' Face: Pip

The Voice is at its most tense when it comes time for the eliminations. While we at home can feel sure that a certain contestant did very well and is definitely not going to be kicked off, we have no idea what it feels like to be up on that stage. One person made it most viscerally clear what it felt like to be up on that stage, though, and that was Pip. Any time his head appeared to be on the chopping block, his face became stricken. He stood there, aghast, awaiting judgment, reflecting all our personal fears of rejection right back at us with open mouth and terror-eyes. It was sad (but not unfunny) to see him go.

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