The Top 40 Sci-Fi Movies of the 21st Century

From space-invader thrillers to interstellar-overdrive headscratchers, we're counting down the best science fiction films since the turn of the century

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'Arrival' (2016)
Jeremy Renner, Amy Adams Everett Collection4/40

4. 'Arrival' (2016)

The aliens are here ... but are they friend or foe? That urgent question powers Denis Villeneuve's sober sci-fi drama, which balances the cerebral and the emotional as gracefully as those interstellar spacecrafts hovering just above Earth's surface. Amy Adams is a linguist still grieving for her dead daughter when extraterrestrials appear across the globe, speaking in a sophisticated language only she can unravel – that is, if she can stop wary superpowers from declaring war on our visitors first. From the elegant alien design to the screenplay's eloquent chronological jumble, Arrival eschews the genre's pulpier tendencies for a realistic portrait of humanity facing down its destiny – leading to an ending that's both a mindbender and a tearjerker. TG

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