The Top 40 Sci-Fi Movies of the 21st Century

From space-invader thrillers to interstellar-overdrive headscratchers, we're counting down the best science fiction films since the turn of the century

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'A Scanner Darkly' (2006)
Robert Downey Jr. Everett Collection17/40

17. 'A Scanner Darkly' (2006)

Philip K. Dick's style of paranoid, mind-bending SF meets one of Waking Life/Boyhood director Richard Linklater's low-key slices-of-life in this unusual animated thriller, about addicts spying on each other in a future America. Keanu Reeves stars as an undercover cop who's investigating drug-trafficking by becoming part of a community of users (played by Winona Ryder, Woody Harrelson and Robert Downey, Jr.). The electronically-aided disguises and personality-altering pills align this adaptation A Scanner Darkly with speculative fiction, but the stoned philosophical psychobabble is clearly the work of the filmmaker behind Dazed and Confused – as is the commentary on a culture geared toward cracking down on harmless libertines. NM

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