The Top 40 Sci-Fi Movies of the 21st Century

From space-invader thrillers to interstellar-overdrive headscratchers, we're counting down the best science fiction films since the turn of the century

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'28 Days Later...' (2002)
CILLIAN MURPHY Everett Collection8/40

8. '28 Days Later...' (2002)

Some science fiction movies do more than depict frightening innovations of a fictional kind – they unleash such advances themselves. Such is the case with the film that set the concept of the "fast zombie" loose upon an unsuspecting world. Technically, the ravening hordes in Danny Boyle's groundbreaking movie are not undead, but "infected": living humans contaminated by a viral rage-inducing epidemic. Naturally, they now kill the uninfected on sight ... which does not bode well for hospital patient Cillian Murphy when he wakes up to find London has been overrun with mindless, rabid citizens. (The similarities between this movie's opening and The Walking Dead pilot are uncanny.) A subgenre was revitalized, and one look at the angry world around us today is all you need to see how prophetic the Trainspotting director and writer Alex Garland (Ex Machina) really were. STC

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