The Most WTF? Moments of 'Mad Men' Season Six

How Don Draper and co. blew our minds this season

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Ted Kisses Peggy
Michael Yarish/AMC6/13

Ted Kisses Peggy

Episode Six, "For Immediate Release"

Peggy's decision to move in with her boyfriend, Abe Drexler, last season had disaster written all over it – her mother was furious, Peggy was disappointed there was no ring in the offing, etc. But as the sixth season opened, it seemed that cohabitation was suiting Peggy just fine, until Abe persuaded her to buy a fleabag apartment on the then-dangerous Upper West Side and the romance began a steady decline. Complicating matters was the out-of-left-field smooch that Peggy's boss, Ted Chaough, planted on her during a late night at the office. But Ted's impulsive action sparked a yearning that, frankly, we haven't seen Peggy demonstrate with Abe, well, ever. If one kiss can cause you to start fantasizing that your boyfriend is your boss in a smoking jacket, then maybe you're with the wrong guy, Peggy.

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