The Most WTF? Moments of 'Mad Men' Season Six

How Don Draper and co. blew our minds this season

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Don Smokes Hash
Jamie Trueblood/AMC12/13

Don Smokes Hash

Episode 10, "A Tale of Two Cities"

Don Draper at a Hollywood Hills party? What's next? Roger Sterling smoking LS . . . never mind. Don putting his lips to the nipple of a hookah may not have been as groundbreaking a TV moment as Roger's acid trip last season, but it was plenty bizarre as he hallucinates a longhaired, hippie-ish, pregnant Megan (fueling even more online conspiracies that the character will be murdered à la Sharon Tate – which Matt Weiner has debunked) and a dead Pfc. Dinkins (the Vietnam soldier Don met in Hawaii), who was relieved of an arm while in combat, not to mention his own death. As Don watches his body floating in the pool, a soaking-wet Roger, who jumped in to save him, smacks him out of his reverie. That Don, he can't even elude the shadow of death while on drugs.

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