The Most WTF? Moments of 'Mad Men' Season Six

How Don Draper and co. blew our minds this season

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Don Pitches a Suicide-Tinged Ad Campaign
Michael Yarish/AMC2/13

Don Pitches a Suicide-Tinged Ad Campaign

Episodes One and Two, "The Doorway"

Between Don reading Dante's Inferno, the passing away of Roger's mother and shoeshine guy, the switching of lighters with Vietnam-bound Pfc. Dinkins and countless other examples, the Season Six premiere was fraught with death. But nothing brought Don Draper closer to the opening-credits image of a man falling from a building than his latest ad campaign for the Royal Hawaiian hotel. His slogan of "Hawaii: The Jumping Off Point" was plastered across a sketch of a man's jacket, tie and footprints on the beach, leading toward the water. Don viewed it as a man freeing himself, but the clients – and anyone else with a pair of eyes – saw a man committing suicide. It was one of the first times when Don was incapable of closing a deal with his powers of persuasion, and it was the apex of an episode that promised a season of mortal reminders lurking behind every corner of Don's existence.

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