The Best of 'True Blood': The Darkest, Sexiest Moments From Bon Temps and Beyond

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Meeting Eric Northman (Season 1, Episode 4)
Courtesy of HBO16/16

Meeting Eric Northman (Season 1, Episode 4)

True Blood's love triangle was a go from the second we saw Eric skulking in his throne at Fangtasia the night Bill first brought Sookie to meet the sheriff of Area Five. As compared to Bill's relatively innocuous entrance into Merlotte's in the pilot, Eric's debut defined everything about his character: the power he held, the reverence he demanded of everyone around him and the shameless sex he exuded (of course, we'd later learn that Bill's entrance that night was a total ruse, but that's besides the point). There would only be a few major cracks in Eric's facade: when his maker, Godric, met the sun in season two and in season four, when he suffered amnesia brought on by a witch's curse. Even though Eric retained some of the curse-induced tenderness after the spell was lifted, he was never far away from the leader we saw in Season One.