The Best of 'True Blood': The Darkest, Sexiest Moments From Bon Temps and Beyond

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Lafayette's Power Is Revealed (Season 4, Episode 6)
Courtesy of HBO7/16

Lafayette's Power Is Revealed (Season 4, Episode 6)

The human population of Bon Temps lost another member midway through Season Four when Jesus' grandfather used his witch power to detect "the magic" in Lafayette. More specifically, Lafayette is a medium. And for once, the sassy cook wasn't able to escape what was going on around him. Like Sookie, he still hasn't figured out how to harness his powers – he's at the mercy of those whose spirits he possesses (Marnie, Jesus' uncle) more often than not. But the revelation that Lafayette had this within him all along means there's likely other undiscovered magic lurking in Bon Temps.

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