The Best of 'True Blood': The Darkest, Sexiest Moments From Bon Temps and Beyond

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Jason and Amy's V Dream (Season 1, Episode 9)
Courtesy of HBO13/16

Jason and Amy's V Dream (Season 1, Episode 9)

Amy (the excellent Lizzy Caplan) was a free spirit that happened to be addicted to V and attracted to Jason. When the two of them had a joint V trip, it was the first time we saw the wonders of what such a thing could entail. Vaguely hippie, full of lush green surroundings and an airy, magical quality, it was the aftermath of the trip – ultimately killing their vampire blood "donor" at Amy's demand – that set the tone for the consequences of V that would continue to play a role in the series, and also the moment that reminded viewers of Alan Ball's multilayered treatment of True Blood. Beneath the campy fun, there's always a darker reality.

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