The Best and Worst 3D Movies

From 'Life of Pi' to 'Glee: The 3D Concert Movie,' which movies are worth the extra bucks – and which are not

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The Best: #7, 'Dial M For Murder'
Everett Collection10/13

The Best: #7, 'Dial M For Murder'

Back in 1954, cinema snobs sneered when suspense master Alfred Hitchcock stooped to using 3D to tell the story of a husband (Ray Milland) plotting the murder of his wife (Grace Kelly). The 3D backlash forced Hitchcock to let the movie go out in 2D. Only in the 1980s did audience get to see the artful 3D mischief Hitchcock was up to. Revel in the fun, especially in the scene with Princess Grace and the scissors. You've been warned.

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