The Best and Worst 3D Movies

From 'Life of Pi' to 'Glee: The 3D Concert Movie,' which movies are worth the extra bucks – and which are not

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The Best: #5, 'Toy Story 3'
Disney Pixar8/13

The Best: #5, 'Toy Story 3'

Decked out in nifty 3D that's too good to be show-offy except in the opening action sequence, Toy Story 3 hits every button from laughter to tears and lifts you up on waves of visual dazzlement.  Cowboy Woody (again voiced by Tom Hanks) and astronaut Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen in playfully scrappy vocal form) are toys in crisis. Andy, the boy who gave these toys a home, is off to college. He's outgrown his playthings. This third chapter in the series wants to go darker and emotionally deeper than its predecessors. And the 3D provides an intimacy that takes you there.

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