The 25 Greatest Soundtracks of All Time

From 'Easy Rider' to 'A Hard Day's Night'

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'Goodfellas' (1990)
Courtesy Atlantic/Wea15/25

15. 'Goodfellas' (1990)

Nobody can top Martin Scorcese at using music to tell a story. He basically invented the rock soundtrack as we know it, in gritty films like Mean Streets and Who’s That Knocking at My Door? But his 1990 classic Goodfellas is arguably the peak of his musical curating. The crime saga of Henry Hill plays out to one song after another: "Layla" as an elegy for dead gangsters, "Then He Kissed Me" as a romantic Copacabana stroll, Ray Liotta reaching a coked-out paranoid fever to a mastermix that jumps from Harry Nilsson to Muddy Waters.

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