The 10 Most Shocking TV Deaths of 2012

Featuring 'Breaking Bad,' 'Homeland,' 'True Blood' and more

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'Homeland': Brody and the Tailor (Season Two, Episode Three)
Bob Leverone/SHOWTIME4/10

4. 'Homeland': Brody and the Tailor (Season Two, Episode Three)

As if the epidemic of "distracted driving" weren't bad enough – now our nation's terrorist sleeper agents have to deal with distracted killing, too? Such is life for Homeland's Nicholas Brody, whose assignment by his al Qaeda handlers to whisk their tailor-slash-bombmaker to safety goes tits up in the woods outside Gettysburg. Believing Brody to be his executioner, the tailor makes a break for it, thus turning his fear into a self-fulfilling prophecy – a prophecy that comes true while Brody fields a phone call from his worried wife Jessica, loudly enough for her to hear it happening. "What was that?" "What was what?" Nice save, Congressman.

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