The Grossest Moments on 'The Walking Dead' Season 3

The gutsiest, grimiest moments this season put on the small screen

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Merle pulls out the zombie's teeth
Gene Page/AMC10/11

10. Merle pulls out the zombie's teeth

After Michonne kills the zombies intended for Woodbury’s big festivities, Merle and his henchmen need to go find new walkers for the party's climax. Merle pulls a net full of snarling zombies out of a pit and they growl and hiss trying to break free. Merle singles out one zombie as being particularly mean and nasty. The rest of his crew holds that zombie down as Merle begins to yank out its teeth, one by one. At the time, we don't yet know that this zombie is destined to perform in Woodbury's MMA match, but we cower in disgust at this horrific dentistry.

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