The 10 Best Zombie Movies

Undead flicks that matter, from 'Night of the Living Dead' to 'Zombieland'

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'Dawn of the Dead' (2004)
Universal/Courtesy Everett Collection3/10

3. 'Dawn of the Dead' (2004)

Here's a surprise. A big, glossy remake from director Zack Snyder (300, Watchmen) that pays tribute to the spirit of George Romero's zombiefest and then takes off at its own bloody speed. Snyder also sets the film — his first — in a shopping mall (Milwaukee, this time, not Pittsburgh), but his living dead are no staggering slowpokes. They race around like sprinters. Whatever the film lacks in originality (plenty), it makes up for in zesty humor and nonstop gut-ripping. And make sure to watch the epilogue.

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