The 12 Best Moments From 'Homeland''s Bad Season 2

Plenty of reasons we can't stop caring about this frustrating show

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The Interrogation
Kent Smith/SHOWTIME4/12

The Interrogation

Episode Five: "Q&A"

Until its final minutes, this felt like the episode where Homeland cracked its own code, doing the one thing it did best and almost nothing else: put a cornered, desperate Brody in small room with a victorious yet heartsick Carrie, tell Damian Lewis and Claire Danes to do their thing, and roll the cameras. The characters' complicated, poisonous, passionate relationship had never before been explored in such depth, and the performers did their best work to date. Sadly, Homeland never really recovered from its baffling decision to knock the near-perfect episode off-balance by jamming Dana and Finn's gimmicky hit-and-run into the final minutes, no matter how hard it tried to keep that storyline serious rather than soapy in future episodes.

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