The 12 Best Moments From 'Homeland''s Bad Season 2

Plenty of reasons we can't stop caring about this frustrating show

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The Confrontation
Kent Smith/SHOWTIME6/12

The Confrontation

Episode Four: "New Car Smell"

Again, you've gotta hand it to Homeland: Its new status quo lasted less than one episode. Practically no sooner than Estes, Saul, Carrie, Peter Quinn and company decided to work Brody by leaving him alone, Carrie suspects he's on to her following an awkward attempt at small talk – so she strides into his hotel room and blows it all up, telling him they've found his confession tape and berating him for being a "demented" terrorist "who hates America." The creepily sexualized confrontation is a perverse inversion of their Edenic escape to Carrie's cabin in the first season, and it made for serious holy-shit television.

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