The 12 Best Moments From 'Homeland''s Bad Season 2

Plenty of reasons we can't stop caring about this frustrating show

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Carrie in the House of Hezbollah

Carrie in the House of Hezbollah

Episode Two: "Beirut Is Back"

By the end of the season Homeland's stabs (hardy har) at suspense and action were a mess of horror-movie-meets-24 clichés. So it's worth remembering that the show is capable of delivering teeth-grinding, breath-stopping sequences like the one in which Carrie sneaks back into the apartment of her asset in Beirut in order to loot it for information on Hezbollah and their new ally Abu Nazir. The cross-cutting between Carrie's search for documents and the tense scene on the street as suspicious militants surround Saul and Carrie's contact in their SUV, the realistically inelegant chase choreography as Carrie runs from level to level dodging bullets, the sense that Carrie's reputation is on the line along with her life – add it up and it's terrifically thrilling filmmaking.

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