The 10 Best (and Worst) Best Song Oscar-Winners of All Time

From 'Over the Rainbow' to 'It's Hard Out There for a Pimp,' the Best Song category's cream of the crop – and bottom of the barrel

Best: "Streets of Philadelphia" ('Philadelphia,' 1993)

Like "Shaft" shaking up the saccharine sounds of the 1970s, Bruce Springsteen's sad, sparse contribution to the soundtrack of Jonathan Demme's AIDS-crisis drama Philadelphia is a bracing break from the Best Song norm of its era. The lyrics are one the Boss's most haunting portrayals of loneliness and abandonment ("I was bruised and battered, I couldn't tell what I felt / I was unrecognizable to myself"); he recorded the song alone in his home studio with a synthesizer and a drum machine, and you can hear the isolation in every note. (The only down side to the song's victory: Neil Young's even more devastating contribution to Demme's movie, titled "Philadelphia," had to lose.)